Strata Building Cleaning

Trusted Asset Maintenance

Over the last four years, we have excelled forward from the simple fact of being nimble with our clients, fitting in with their requirements as we understand no two buildings are the same and being utterly committed to providing the highest standard possible.

Pacific Maintenance being a medium-sized business within the overall asset maintenance industry of NSW gives unique advantages opposed to larger or independent contractors.

We understand the importance of implementing technology into our cleaning practices, innovating the way our company goes about the duties we carry out each day.

These are extremely simple yet effective allowing our business to pass on the savings to our clients who do not need to support ludicrous overheads

We take things to basics to ensure a streamlined approach is taken to keep the owners’ corporation, strata/building managers and our internal team as informed as much as possible or to their desire.


Our Work

Pacific Maintenance can maintain a professional standard with the autonomy and personal touch that others may not be able to provide.

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